What to Wear for a Senior Session



We want to capture the best possible you and the question we get asked most often is “What do I wear?!?!” No worries! This guide will help you on your journey to getting your best look. Remember to gather several things and outfits so we can get multiple looks. Try everything on in advance to make sure the fit is correct. Plan ahead so you won’t feel rushed during your session by having all accessories ready such as jewelry, shoes or whatever you need.  I can help you decide once we are there but please keep in mind that the number of outfit changes we do depends on the package you pick. We will probably have time for 3-4 changes of clothing depending on which package you choose so bring a few more and I can help you decide as we go to each location.

1. The Classic Look– AKA the “parent pleaser” – think Audrey Hepburn, a timeless look that you will love forever and your parents will cherish as well.

2. The Statement Look – This can be something different from the first outfit. Something trendy, such as your favorite outfit or the outfit that simply looks amazing on you. If you like to make a statement – bring it! (A pop of color, shoes with some flair, bold jewelry or anything that is really “you”.)

3. The Casual Look– What you love to wear every day – something comfortable and you.  Your own unique style. (Something outdoorsy, your favorite jeans, shorts, a dress with boots, flip-flops and board shorts, your team’s hoodie, whatever makes you comfortable.)

4. The Model Look – If you want to create something amazing and unique like a long gown or prom dress in the water, a fairy in the forest wearing a gauzy, flowing dress or something out of a magazine, bring it and let us know ahead of time so we can prepare any special lighting or props we might need.

5. The Props – Your props rather! What will make these photos truly unique and “you.” Sports equipment, favorite necklace, vintage headphones, favorite book, an electric guitar, your pet, your car/truck, your four-wheeler, or anything that really speaks to you.

6. The Accessories – Don’t forget accessories (earrings, scarves, etc) and shoes – but keep in mind your feet won’t show in every pose so you won’t need shoes for every single outfit. Most shots will be of your face or 3/4 shots with only a few showing you from head to toe.

What NOT To Wear:

  • Stripes, plaids and small busy prints do not translate well on camera.  Large plaids or simple prints are fine. But solids photograph much better and they’re timeless! Bring a variety of color. Not too much black, and in general, avoid red! If it’s a shoot in nature, avoid green which would blend in too much. We do NOT recommend clothing with high contrast between items. For example, a black shirt with white pants. Your eyes are naturally drawn to the area of highest contrast in the image, which in this case would be the pants (making your hips look larger than they are). Your focus in portraits should be your face, and high contrast clothing detracts from this while making parts of your body appear larger (the ones covered with the light clothing). Pair lights with lights, and darks with darks.


  • Vary the style, all one look (like all dresses or all jeans) might get boring.  Vary the dress level, bring some formal, some trendy and some everyday clothing.


  • Make sure you know what you want to showcase. Remember the parts of your body that might make you uncomfortable. For example, if you don’t like the way that your upper arms look, avoid sleeveless and strapless shirts and dresses. We want you to be happy, confident and comfortable your entire session so please let us know if there are certain things you don’t want to show.

Don’t Forget

Make sure that all of your outfits are ironed and grouped together on hangers.   Wrinkles in clothing will show up on camera. If you are in a suit or gown, don’t forget your dress shoes and any other accessories.


Tan lines and peeling are not attractive in portraits and costly to correct in post production. Avoid sunburn if at all possible. Please do not over tan. Too much color will remove the highlights and shadows from your skin and leave you looking unnatural.