Senior Model Program



We are looking for some fabulous, outgoing Seniors from the class of 2017 to represent Eye Wander Photo

Here’s the official rules of the Eye Wander Photo senior rep program:



We are looking for fabulous, outgoing incoming high school seniors to represent Eye Wander Photo!

Want to know how our Senior Model program works? An Eye Wander Photo Senior Model is just that…a model.  We advertise our services to seniors throughout the Baton Rouge area each year and we need fantastic images to do that.  That’s where you come in.

After your one hour promotional photo session, we create advertising materials using YOUR images.  Examples of promotional materials include: referral cards, social media advertisements, print ads and our website. You never know where you might pop up!

Here are the details, read carefully!


• You and your parents/guardian must be outgoing and love talking with people about your senior photos.

• You must love being in front of the camera.

• You and your parents/guardians must have time to dedicate to promoting Eye Wander Photo in your school and in extracurricular activities.

• You and your parents must attend a meeting with a representative of Eye Wander Photo to go over the program rules and to be “interviewed”. (This interview does not guarantee you will be selected.)

• You must be entering your senior year.

• You must live in and attend a high school within 40 miles of Baton Rouge zip code 70806 (limited exceptions can be made to this rule).

• Must pay initial fee of $150 which gets you a 60-minute photo session on location in Downtown Baton Rouge and this secures your spot as an official Eye Wander Photo Model.

• You and your family must agree to promote only Eye Wander Photo for your senior portraits from the time of acceptance through the entire school year. You are not allowed to be a model of another photographer.

• You must use the initial photos from the 1 hour model session as your social media (Instagram & Facebook) profile pictures throughout the year and you will be required to recycle them out regularly for the entire duration of your senior year. If you don’t have social media pages, you will be required to start and maintain a page for both Instagram and Facebook for the school year.

• Your goal is to refer a minimum of 3 high school seniors who book us to do their portraits. These referrals must book a minimum of a $300 session, pay for, and complete their senior session by December of their graduation year. They don’t have to be from your school!  If a referral books a lower priced session then the reward will be discounted to half ($25 cash/credit).

• Your parent or guardian MUST sign a model release, allowing Eye Wander Photo to use your images for advertising and promotional purposes.


• A super discounted 1-hour portrait “model” session to be completed before Summer of your senior year begins (secured with your $150 payment.) This outdoor photo shoot will be in Downtown Baton Rouge and include up to 3 outfit changes. Locations will include a mixture of urban and green spaces. You will be using the images (between 15-18) from this session to advertise for Eye Wander Photo throughout the year. Bring 3 fun, funky and fashionable outfits.

• From the initial portrait session you will be provided 100 customized 3×3 referral cards with your name, photo & our studio contact information to pass out to your friends. The cards will include a promo on the back to give your referrals a free set of 24 wallets with their senior order.

• You will receive a mobile app that will be on your phone which includes the best 15-18 photos from your session. This is the easiest way to share your images.

• We will post on our blog a senior model spotlight blog post featuring you, your hobbies & interests along with the best 5-8 photos from the session.

• ***Once you refer and help us book 3 seniors to us for full length 3-hour portrait sessions, you get your own 3 hour full-length senior portrait session  The session will include up to 6 outfit changes and will be on-location. You can add a hair stylist and makeup artist to the session for an additional price. The session only includes the session time and does not include any products or prints. This session will provide you with an additional 26-30 images! ($300 value)

• For every single referral card redeemed from your friends (including the first three) you will receive $50 in cash or print credit towards your future senior session/print order.

• Your family will get a FREE one hour family session if you refer 5 seniors that book with us before the end of your senior year. This can be redeemed up to 6 months after your senior year.

• If you refer and book 10 people, you will also receive a spa day with you and your best friend (hour massage + manicure + pedicure).

Okay so now you’re interested. What do you do next?

Before you can become an official Senior Model for Eye Wander Photo, you must fill out the Senior Rep application below and pay the small program fee of $150. We will be in touch to schedule your in-person interview once the application is received.

Now make sure you read this entire blog post with your parent(s) and you must abide completely by the rules in order to be part of the most elite senior model program in our area.

Have any questions? You can contact us at or by phone at 225-366-4567

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