Hair and Makeup Tips for Senior Sessions



We know how important it is for you to look you best in your photos so here’s a helpful guide for all of your hair and makeup questions! Your makeup style can change the overall style of your shoot so the first step is to visualize what you want to look like. Is ultra glam your thing or fresh faced and natural? Try out your make up styles in advance so you can perfect your look. Make sure to coordinate your clothing with your makeup and hair style as well.


If hair and makeup just isn’t your thing or if you aren’t sure how to achieve that natural, glamorous or sophisticated look, we do offer packages that include a professional hair and makeup artist! Make sure to let us know in advance if you would like to take advantage of this amazing artist!

The Basics: Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal, like what you would do for a night out on the town. Mascara should be clean and contain no clumps so that your eyes look their best.  Many photos will be close ups of your face so clumpy mascara will show! Avoid makeup with sparkles or glitter in it.  In real life they will catch the light and give off a nice shimmer, but in a photo it creates little spots that could be mistaken for a blemish.  Avoid a foundation with SPF in it as it can cause the skin to look too shiny.

Lips: Glossy, colorful lips photograph best. Lips are best in reds, berries, and browns but make sure to make a statement by maintaining contrast. Even if you never wear lipstick, a little color goes a long way. As a bare minimum, bring lip gloss to put a little shine on your lips. Avoid matte lipsticks if possible. Also remember to always try on whatever lipstick you want to use a few days in advance to make sure you love the color.

Face: The color of your face should match the neck and shoulders so a little contouring goes a long way but don’t over do it with the bronzer. Use a SPF-free moisturizer and foundation to prevent unnecessary shine and use a translucent powder to set. Remember to bring extra powder for touch-ups at the studio. Don’t over-do to cover pimples or blemishes as uneven concealer will show up on camera.

Cheeks: Contouring can be a girl’s best friend so don’t be afraid to have a little color on the apples of the cheeks and follow up to the cheek bones. It brightens up the appearance of the face and gives a healthy, youthful glow. If you typically do not use a blush, go for a lighter color, like a petal pink, and make sure it blends well.

Eyes: If you normally pluck, wax or trim, make sure your eyebrows are well groomed prior to the shoot (if by wax, allow at least one day to make sure there is enough time for redness to go away.) For eyelashes use a black, waterproof mascara. Make sure the mascara is new to avoid clumping. Dark brown eyeliner is a nice alternative to black and compliments most light eye shadows. Remember not to wear any eye make up with glitter in it! If you have smaller eyes than avoid bottom liner as it closes the eye down making it look smaller than it really is.

Nails: Nails are rarely featured in your senior photos, but it’s best to paint a clear, neutral, or french tip. If you are going to show your feet, paint your toenails too.



We suggest you don’t try a new cut or color just before your session. If you end up hating your new hairdo, you don’t want to memorize it in your senior photos. If you do need a cuts or color it should be done at least a week prior to your session to ensure they look their best. If you want a new style then make sure you practice it in advance but we recommend you go with the style you are comfortable with, which is also usually the one that represents you the best. If you want multiple styles then it make be necessary to schedule multiple sessions.